Safety & Security Specific Software

  • RMS (Records Management System)
    • lrfanView to view images. To install click here and then click on Download Now.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
    • CSM
    • CRM
  • Omnixx
  • MediaWorks
  • Maxient

Software Available to UNC Charlotte Employees

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Software is available for university and personal computers. Adobe Creative Cloud FAQs.
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (HomeUse) offers free MS Office software for faculty. Office 365 FAQs.
  • Software is available for faculty use. Trend Anti-Virus, SAS, Adobe CC and more. Software FAQsSoftware Downloads
  • Software applications are distributed using Microsoft Software Center (Windows) and Casper (Macs).
  • Anti-Virus software is installed on all University computers. Windows Defender is on Window machines and Trend is on Macs. Anti-Virus FAQs.

Software Training Provided by ITS
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  1. Online training is offered through Skillport; a free resource for campus. 

    1. Skillport has a course catalog as well as custom developed training.  Courses include training for popular software packages like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.  

    2. There are also thousands of courses in technology and business, plus access to books, test preps, and other online reference materials.

  2. In person training is also made available for special projects and new software roll outs.  Check the training calendar to see what's available.