About Us


The mission of Safety & Security is as follows:

  • To collaborate and engage the campus community in areas related to the protection, health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors while safeguarding University assets.
  • To identify and prioritize the management and planning of risks facing the institution and coordinate the appropriate response.
  • To ensure law enforcement standards and compliance guidelines maximize campus safety and security.
  • To enhance the response and recovery time for any campus emergency by preparedness, training and coordination of emergency management and business continuity principles.


The formation of a collegial partnership that promotes a comprehensive and strategic approach in assessing institutional risks and formulating sound solutions to protect the pursuit of the University mission.


To actively promote a university-wide culture of safety, as a first response leader in all situations posing imminent risk to the security and welfare of the University; to conduct all operations with the highest integrity in an ethical and timely manner.